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Industrie 4.0 is the platform connecting all initiatives in Flanders on Industrie 4.0 and related concepts. It is an initiative of

In Flanders the Industrie 4.0 / Industry 4.0 concept is supported by the Flanders Region, throught the Flemish Minister President and the Flemish Government. 

It is referred to in the Visie 2050 document, announced in September 2015 and reiterated in September 2016. 

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The Flemish Agency for Innovation and Entrepeneurship will further support the activities in Flanders. 

Meanwhile, the following initiatives and organizations are supporting the development in Flanders: 

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Ongoing :

- : : Flemish Innovation Collaboration (VIS) industrial internet in flanders, industrie 4.0, industrial internet, digital transformation and smart manufacturing. Focusesd on the process- and discrete manufacturing, supported by the Flemish region. By partners LSEC and Sirris.

aiming to

- evangelize the Digital Transformation of production 

- connect the experts

- build and promote use cases and expertise

- starting transformation with a number of innovative companies from production, integration 


- MadeDifferent : - : supporting manufacturing companies with 7 transformations and advisory, organizers of the Factory of the Future awards annually in Brussels. By partners Agoria, Sirris, Flanders Make, Flanders Synergie. 

- Digitising Manufacturing : Innovative Business Network (IBN), facilitating technology development with innovative technology companies, proof of concept installations with manufacturers, to field trials.   Supported by the Flemish region. By partners Agoria, Sirris, Flanders Make. 

- Industrie 4.0 : initiative by the Flemish Chambers of Commerce (VOKA) to motivate local entrepreneurs considering Industry 4.0 concepts overall. 

Past : 

- Smart Production : Flemish Innovation Collaboration for Followers (VIS-IV) supporting manufacturing companies with additional supportive technologies such as MES, ERP and other to support their Smart Production capabilities. 



Actors :

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